Why a DIY Paintless Dent Repair is a Bad Idea

We have all seen the hilariously – and sometimes cringe worthily – cheesy infomercials that claim to fix all your life problems with one single product. While most products on these services are ridiculously hyped up anyway, perhaps none can come as close to exaggeration as DIY paintless dent repair (PDR) kits.Paintless Dent Repair

This is due to a few glaring reasons, but two of them stand out the most.

  • These PDR kits are priced too low to actually be made out of reliable material that is needed to take out dents efficiently.
  • Even when they are priced sufficiently and look right, the paintless dent repair process is not one you can perform just by watching it once.


The bottomline: These DIY kits don’t come with the hands of an expert attached to it, which renders their very concept to be ineffective.

The dream of fixing their own car dents causes many people to go after these methods anyway. The result is almost always that these solutions either do not work, or work with such bad dent repair results that they get posted in the “failed” category of social media platforms and humor websites.

But if you are still feeling dazzled by all those DIY PDR adverts, then here are a few reasons why you should change your mind.


Even DIY Websites Advise Against Them

HowStuffWorks is a popular information website that often provides tutorials on how to navigate your way through several DIY projects. However, when it comes to DIY PDR, the website strongly advises against it due to the fact that it can go horribly wrong.

It’s an interesting read, with the summary being that one should not fall for DIY kits, and hire an expert for their dent repair and hail damage repair needs.


They Can Cause You to Spend More Money

Despite their promises, instead of saving you money in “long term costs”, these DIY kits can actually end up costing you more. It’s because any damage that you end up doing to your car while trying your hand at DIY PDR could often be irreversible.

There’s no “Undo” button on a real world auto body project, which is why car owners who damage their vehicle’s body then have to drive it to a professional. The botched appearance of the car takes longer to mend, and is thus pricier to manage.


They Can Leave Your Car Prone to More Damages

Even if you pull off a DIY PDR by a slight margin, chances are that you the dent repair achieved would still leave your car’s paint weakened in the affected area. Overtime, this weakened paint can then erode with a few drives.

And that lands you into an auto body shop, where once again, you need to pay to get a paintjob – something which you may not have required in the first place if you had not tried to play with a DIY PDR kit.

Therefore, instead of trying to save a few bucks and losing a fortune in the process, make sure that you have your dent repair process done through only a professional.

The cost is often less expensive than costlier DIY PDR kits. Even if it is cheaper, there are high chances that you would end paying more for damage control eventually anyway.

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