Why a Clear Bra Is Right for Your Car

Clear braJust bought a new car or new-to-you car? Need a way to preserve the flawless paint job on your car, truck, or SUV? There is a solution, and one you will love: a clear bra from companies like Auto Image 360.

What is a clear bra?

A clear bra is made of durable thermoplastic urethane, which provides an almost completely transparent barrier. Not only do clear bras fit your car’s hood, but your mirrors, fender, and bumpers, too. A clear bra costs only a fraction of what a new paint job would, and top professionals can install one in as little as three hours. Because they are clear, the color of your car is unchanged where the bra is applied, preserving your color and tint. As well, the clear bra itself can be removed without causing any damage itself, preserving your car’s resale value.

How does a clear bra help me?

Getting an expertly applied clear bra is intended to help you fight road debris damage. That means the normal driving conditions that can be hazardous to your paint, such as driving on the highway, through an unpaved road, or through debris like twigs, seeds, and sticks. Through normal use, your car will naturally kick up small, sharp objects that are repelled easily. Through the sheer volume of debris you encounter, however, you are almost guaranteed to kick up something just right and leave a scratch. Debris can even lead to paint chips and flakes! And when it happens, your clear bra is there to protect your paint from looking old and worn.

What about low impact damage?

Debris is not the only way your paint can incur damage. Small low-impact accidents such as hitting a parking lot barrier, brushing a bicycle in your driveway, or nicking the side of a fence can all wreak havoc on your car’s paint. The advantage of a clear bra here is that it costs much less to repair than it would cost to refinish, buff, or repaint your vehicle. And if you have a high deductible, that is even better news, since either way the cost would likely be out-of-pocket.

Is a clear bra weather-proof?

Weather is another cause of paint damage, including hail, wind, dust storms, and even sun exposure. These can lead not only to scratches, nicks, and chips but fading and oxidation, too. Because the clear bra is applied to your car like a second skin, it can absorb the damage without peeling, fading, or warping. After a storm or inclement weather, you can easily take your vehicle to your professional to get a total or partial replacement of the clear bra film, all without any damage to your vehicle itself.

Will a clear bra fit my car?

Clear bras are designed to fit a wide variety of makes and models including sedans, sports cars, minivans, trucks, and SUVs. The film is designed for placement on the hood, bumper, fender, and windows of most newer models. See if there is a clear bra for you!

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