What Do Clients Expect From a Cannabis Public Relations Team?

What do clients expect from a cannabis PR firm?

They need results that actually help in growing their business. Since they are allocating a significant portion of their resources to the cannabis public relations team, they expect a return on that investment.

That is why, while running a cannabis PR or even a marijuana direct response marketing agency may seem as if it is an easy job, the truth is that it is quite difficult. The job requires quite a bit of coordination, patience, the will to learn, and the drive to strengthen professional relationships. Cannabis Public Relations Team

Now, let’s take a look at the different activities that a cannabis public relations team may do for you on a day to day basis. This will help you understand how integral they are to a cannabis company and how to make the most out of having a marijuana PR firm on board for your business.


Implement a Coordinated Campaign

The first step in deriving value from a cannabis public relations team is to form a strategy that will help you generate a positive, clean buzz for your business.


This way, the cannabis PR firm will not only be reactive in times of issues or concerns, but will be pro-active and prepared as well.


Their goal would be to identify the key stakeholders as well as the right spaces where audiences lie. From there, they would be able to prepare messages that would resonate with the key parties in their industry.


As stated earlier, the cannabis PR consulting firm will not only have to do a lot of research but continually position themselves to be relevant to the right parties ranging from other business professionals, politicians, reporters, and other relevant organizations within the general community.


Their job is to not just raise a buzz, but to generate it in a way that will drive real dollars, adoption, and movement by people who will act and help to move the community forward.


As such, they need to have the skills to implement a coordinated campaign that will make an impact.


Implementing a coordinated campaign doesn’t happen overnight from the standpoint of the cannabis public relations team. For them, it takes a bit more than just a strategy and actions. It takes networking and relationships. And these relationships make all the difference in how proper coordination of resources can truly take place.


Years and years of relationships and work plus the assessment and provision of value to the end audience are the factors that actually add up to “overnight successes”.


Tactics of Reach

The tactics of reach for a cannabis public relations team can vary from firm to firm and from client to client as well.


One client may need to have more allocation of resources to viral campaigns and direct events such as cannabis email marketing, while others might need allocation of resources to reach out to specific leaders within the community through the relationships that the PR firm has made throughout their years in the business.


Through these relationships, PR firms are able to reach out to celebrities, artists, and other influencers that can help to spread the word in a more authoritative manner.


That is why it is important to reach out to marijuana communications expert individuals who are close to the right people. You need to connect with experts that are able to bring home actual results for the business.


Remember, the client only sees the work that is present at the current moment of the start of their transaction, the work of the PR team starts quite a while back.

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