What are Dental Crowns and What Can You Expect While Getting Them?

Dental crowns are dental attachments that are shaped to fit on top of a tooth like a cap or a “crown”, which is where they get their name.

These dental attachments are used whenever there is a need to cover the top of a tooth. While temporary dental crowns can be placed on teeth until permanent ones out are made for specific patients, the latter approach is considered as the eventual and ideal outcome of the procedure.dental crowns

The need could arise due to various reasons, including but not limited to:


  • Preventing a tooth from being damaged further due to decay.
  • Repairing a tooth that has been broken or chipped from the top.
  • Supporting a tooth that has been worn down and may start falling apart with dental fillings.

Dental crowns are necessary since they could help you get rid of various problems that result from the aforementioned causes, such as the need to have dental extractions for problematic teeth.

When performed by an experienced dentist, getting dental crowns can be a very smooth procedure which helps you get rid of pain and other problems without causing you much discomfort.

Here’s what you can expect during a procedure for dental crowns.

What to Expect When You are About to Get Dental Crowns?

When you are about to get dental crowns, your dentist will first examine your tooth to prepare for the procedure. The actual placement of dental crowns is usually postponed until a second visit.

During the examination, dental tests such as an X-ray could be performed to make sure that your tooth doesn’t have extensive decay of the sort that extends to its nerve, in which case you may also need dental root canals.

In case only dental crowns are needed, your doctor will perform the preparation procedure on your tooth.

During the process itself, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth that has to get the dental crown planted on it. If necessary, your tooth will receive special filling or even have some part of it removed to adjust the dental crown properly.

After this, your dentist will take impressions of your tooth to have a specific dental crown made for it. They may then place a temporary crown on your tooth to protect it from further damage while the custom dental crown is manufactured for your tooth.

Once the dental crown is in from the lab a few days later, you will need to visit your dentist again. That is when the actual procedure to plant permanent dental crowns is executed. The process would again involve the dentist numbing your tooth and surrounding area.

Afterwards, your temporary dental crown will be replaced with the permanent one, which will be placed on top of the tooth to keep it in place by using special adhesives.

Typically, there is minimal discomfort involved after a dental crowns procedure. But that too goes away in a day or two.

You may then go about your usual day to day routine with your new dental crowns but with the assurance that you will not have to face the looming threat of losing your affected tooth anytime soon.


Contact an Experienced Dentist Such as Wohrman Dental Group for the Procedure

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