Three reasons why some manufacturers choose clear product packaging.

Every maker of retail products understands that there’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to product packaging. The type of product and the brand voice dictate what the final packaging should look like, and that packaging should be almost as varied as the products themselves. These retail businesses have studied consumer behavior for decades in an effort to maximize the effectiveness of different types of packaging. They understand what types of packages are most effective, which have the greatest return on investment, and which packages work for specific products.

One of the most common types of packaging is clear product packaging. This type of packaging is almost always made of a clear plastic that allows the potential buyer to see the product itself. It’s probably the type of packaging that you’ve seen most often when you’re in a retail store, and there are a few reasons for that. Here are the three main reasons why some manufacturers choose clear product packaging.

http://www.dunwiddie.com1. It’s Affordable. One of the primary reasons why so many manufacturers choose clear product packaging is because it’s incredibly affordable. Plastic is rather inexpensive to obtain, and since this type of packaging doesn’t use very much of it, it’s one of the most affordable types of packaging out there. When you’re a producer of retail products and you know that if you can cut costs marginally you’ll boost sales and drive your revenue in the right direction, you make that choice. Thus, clear product packaging is popular partly because it’s affordable.

2. It’s the Best Choice for Certain Products. It’s not all about cost, however. For some products, clear product packaging is truly the most effective form of packaging there is. For certain products, consumers like to be able to see the product itself to make sure that it’s going to work the way they want it to work. If they’re buying a phone charger for example, they want to see the adapter on the end of it so that they’re sure it’s going to work with their phone. For this product, and many others, clear product packaging is the best choice because that’s what consumers want.

3. It’s Light to Ship. The final reason clear product packaging is so popular has to do with cost again, but it’s about how expensive it is to ship. When you’re shipping thousands of products at a time, using a packaging like clear product packaging that’s quite light can save a company huge sums of money on delivery. The lighter the products are, the less they cost to ship.

If your business ends up deciding that clear product packaging is the best option for your retail products, make sure you have a great company like Dunwiddie Custom Packaging manufacture them for you. They’ve been working in the retail product packaging industry for a long time, and they know what it takes to produce high-quality and affordable clear product packaging. To learn more about their company or to see some of the products they’ve created packaging for in the past, visit their website at

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