Home automation used to be an area which people associated with mainly home security products. Indeed, the first large-scale home automaton service on the market in the country was the network of security systems which started to appear in the late 90’s. While millions of people still rely on security systems which use operation systems and automation technology to monitor homes, the realm of home automation has expanded greatly in recent years. Today we will use sales information provided to us by, in order to create a list of the most popular home automation systems on the market today. People who find themselves with further questions about home automation should consult with an agency which provides home automation systems.

The most popular service in home automation today is the home theater system. Home theaters are remarkable because they combine an amazing movie theater like experience, with tons of basic home automation services. One of the most popular home theater system services being offered this year is the home monitor system which allows the home owner to use his home theater as a property monitor as well as for viewing movies. Home theater installation now includes the placement of cameras all around the home which are wired to the master theater system. Having a camera system linked to the home theater allows people to see who rings the front door when they are watching a movie or TV show. If the home monitor system shows a pizza delivery man at the front door then you can push pause while you get your pie, whereas a bothersome neighbor can be simply ignored until the show is over. Home monitors have gone from being very uncommon just a few years ago, to being one of the most popular home automation systems used today.

People are having their home automation systems equipped with home temperature control devices, allowing for a better inside ambient and lower energy costs. In places where the weather is either very cold or very hot, the heating and cooling bills can be ridiculous, and may even be so high that some folks are forced to stop using their home AC units. With the help of the very popular home automation AC devices, homeowners can leave their AC units tuned off all day while they are at work, and have them start running just an hour or so before the family gets home. Residents that live in houses with AC automation services are able to enjoy toasty or cool homes, without wasting tons of energy.

Finally, the remote controlled light systems are continuing to grow in popularity. Automated light systems have always been a popular way for homeowners to control their house’s lighting systems from their bedrooms, or wherever they might be when they need to switch a light on or off. The recent drop in cost of basic lighting automation systems has made the automation systems even more popular than ever. Most home automation experts estimate that within a few years all homes will come equipped with home automation systems included.


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