It may come as a great surprise to most folks that the window washing industry is now the fifth largest employer in the state, and that last year it raked in well over seventy million dollars in profits. Residential window washers and skyscraper window washers together wash around fifty thousand windows each week in the state, an impressive number for our relatively small population. The popularity of the window washing agencies seems to only be on the rise lately, and so many people have started to take interest in window washing that had never before thought much on the subject. In the following article we are going to concentrate on one specific aspect of the window washing industry which is how window washers operate today. People who have additional questions about window washing agencies after reading this article are invited to visit, where more information can be found.

While a large number of window washers work for large agencies, the majority of window washers today work independently. One of the things which draw so many new people into window washing is the fact that window washers don’t need to invest a lot of cash on equipment to get started in the industry. Besides people involved in skyscraper window washing, which does require a good deal of special equipment, the majority of window washing jobs can be completed with just a few hundred dollars’ worth of cleaning items. Window cleaners can work on their own and make plenty of money without the need to operate within a large company, making window washing very appealing to folks that like to work without a central management above them. A new window cleaner might take out an ad in a newspaper, or through an online services page in order to find work. Once a window washer has developed a good customer base for their services, they will no longer need to advertise, as the majority of whatever clients they receive in the future will be through their existing contacts.

A large number of window cleaners do work within a cleaning agency. Cleaning agencies that offer window cleanings tend to offer a wide range of services besides window cleanings. People that are seeking to hire someone to only clean windows will have better luck finding an independent cleaner for the job. Large cleaning agencies that offer window cleaning services will contract dozens of different window cleaners that work alongside other kids of residential and commercial cleaners. The one big difference between a cleaner that works alone and one that works for an agency is that a cleaner that works for an agency tends to have a safety certificate for commercial cleaning. A commercial cleaning safety certificate is given to professional cleaners that attend a fifty hour course which teaches about the proper handling of dangerous chemicals, as well as how to operate a safety harness when working in high places. A cleaner with a safety certificate may be a better choice for people concerned about insurance liability risks.

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