Getting your Consumers to Interact with Products through Packaging

To improve the chances of customers buying your products you have to make it so that they will pick it up from the shelf. It’s one thing to be able to draw in consumers with the colors, shape, and imagery of your product and another to communicate to them properly all about the product and brand but it’s a whole other thing when they become enticed to pick it up. Take note that interaction involves both visual and tactile elements so when you are deciding on the materials, components, accents, etc. of your retail packaging, you will want to keep those in mind. It is these details that will further make your products stand out from the competition and create the experience for your customers when using it.

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When deciding on the components of the retail packaging for your different products, you will want to make them consistent. In this way, the different items can come together and look like a set in itself. Any components in your product packaging that is visually unrelated can make your consumers confused and it can also give off the indication of different manufacturing and also an inconsistency in the quality of your products. Products should have the same color and finish.

Another thing that you should really focus on that will determine your decision regarding the materials is your target price for selling the product. Think about whether you are selling a product that is for the average consumer or a luxury one. The materials that you are going to use for the retail packaging should look attractive to consumers and also fit in with the price point that you plan to sell your product. Make it so that customers will be proud to display your product at home.

If your company sells premium products or if you have a separate line that is sold at a higher price compared to other product lines, you will want to make to make it so that it appears like it. The materials for the retail packaging of these products should still be the same to keep consistency but you should make slight changes to make it clear that these products are of a higher quality than the rest of your products.

Also take note that the way your product is dispensed will be associated with the brand. The methods of dispensing will create a unique experience that will be remembered by your consumers and remind them about your brand each time your product is used at home. By being effective at creating a product that has a memorable method of dispensing, you could be put on top of the competition. When thinking about the packaging, think about the product and how best it should be dispensed (pump, dropper, roller, etc.).

Being able to create retail packaging that really works best for the consumer is not something that comes out of the mind of a single designer. The process is a goal which bring people together to really create the best.

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