Fitness classes are enjoyable and help people stay accountable to their goals. of the biggest obstacles for people trying to get in shape is that they really don’t like exercise. A lot of people try to pick up running, but running is hard and tedious, and many people give it up after a couple of weeks or months. The same thing is true for weightlifting, biking, and most forms of exercise. People get bored with it, or they dislike it so much that they just stop doing it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way to get results. If a person really wants to transform their body or regain lost energy, they have to work out consistently. When they run for a couple of weeks and then stop, they’re back to square zero within a week or so. To get the best results, you have to stick with it for the rest of your life.

This is where fitness classes come in. A fitness class can mean many things, but in general it’s a class where a dozen or so people go to work out together. These classes are led by a personal trainer, coach, or instructor, and this person creates a regimen that they lead the class through. Each fitness class is unique. Some of them are more challenging than others, some are more based around cardio exercises, and others are designed more for muscle gain. They might include some weights, and they might not. They might include jumping rope, and they might not. They might include stretching and jumping on boxes, or they might include doing lunges and agility exercises.

While fitness classes differ from one gym to the next, the things that don’t differ is that they’re generally more enjoyable and they help to create accountability, two things that are very important to keep people working out and exercising for the long run. Classes like boot camp classes are more enjoyable than working out by yourself because you’re able to interact with other people while you exercise. Rather than being bored and thinking about how long you’ve been working out, you’re distracted by being around other people and having a coach provide you with instructions. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable, which helps the time pass quicker. Before you know it, you’ll have been working out for an hour without even realizing it.

On top of this enjoyability factor, these classes also help to create accountability among their members. That’s because if you don’t go to them, the rest of the people in the class and the instructor will know it. While they’re not likely to pick on you because you didn’t attend, you’ll feel like you’re letting them down. Thus, you’re much more likely to attend the classes because you feel accountable to the people who will also be there. That’s the power behind gyms like Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping that focus their workouts around classes. They understand these classes are more enjoyable for their members and that they create an environment in which people are much more likely to consistently show up.

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