Custom Jewelry with a Mystery: Puzzle Rings from the Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures

A “puzzle ring” is an interesting piece of custom jewelry. Originating from the Middle Eastern culture, this would be one interesting choice for custom engagement rings as its origins are intriguing and quite clever.

Let’s dive into the origin of the puzzle ring and why is it used by people in present times.


What is a Puzzle Ring?

The puzzle ring came from the Asian and Middle Eastern regions. Some say that it came from Turkey while others maintain that it could have originated elsewhere within those lands.

The puzzle ring is an interesting subset of wedding bands that could be traced back to more ancient times. It was a mysterious jewelry object that was made through the interweaving of several different bands.

The puzzle ring could have been part of engagement rings where there could have been at least 3 bands that came together to create these interesting bands. A puzzle ring could have even had more than 10 bands that came together to create an intricate and fascinating piece of custom jewelry.

Puzzle rings can include a variety of designs that range from lions, tigers, hearts, snakes, precious minerals and even more intricate designs.

These puzzle rings are interesting because of how they are made. You are the one that keeps the puzzle ring together, or rather it is your finger that keeps the ring together. When you remove the puzzle ring for one reasons or other, it simply unravels and it becomes a puzzle.

Why would someone every buy this ring or give it to their potential spouse as part of their engagement rings set?

Well, let’s find out.


The Cleverness of the Puzzle Ring

The puzzle ring came about because of a lack of trust. If an individual did not trust the spouse that they were going to spend the rest of their lives with, they may give them a puzzle ring. These custom wedding bands were very intriguing to say the least.custom jewelry

The reason being that when the individual takes off the wedding bands it would fall apart and it would be quite complicated to put it together. This ring, when taken off, would potentially indicate a lack of loyalty and faithfulness on that of the wearer and would show that a potential misdeed had been committed.

Experts state that the puzzle ring came about because of a Turkish ruler who was paranoid and obsessed.

What was the object of his paranoia and obsession? His wife, of course!

The ruler was not always able to be with his wife. He had to travel and attend to many matters but he still wanted to be the special someone in the heart and eyes of his wife, he couldn’t bear it there was an issue in the marriage.

To summarize, he apparently didn’t trust his beautiful wife to be committed to him exclusively for the rest of her life.

And to resolve the matter, he took a rather peculiar yet interesting action. He inquired of his noble and special jewelry expert to fashion for him custom wedding bands that would let him know if faithfulness was broken. To add to the challenge, he wanted it done as quickly as possible.

The expert had no choice and thought of a way to do it as quickly as he could. He came up with a novel solution, what if he could create a custom jewelry piece that was made up of other rings, that once taken off would fall apart?

The idea was simple and it did the trick, or so the story goes.

Puzzle Rings are in Fashion as Custom Engagement Rings or Custom Wedding Bands

It seems that what is old is new again as people think that puzzle rings are interesting and could definitely make for marvelous custom engagement rings and wedding bands.

More people may flock to these types of wedding bands even if they aren’t as paranoid and obsessed as the Turkish ruler. What they need is a penchant for creative and intricate designs, and this little tidbit about the origin of the puzzle ring could serve as a humorous backdrop for what could be a very beautiful and unique choice in custom engagement rings or custom wedding bands.

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