Creativity and Cannabis – Why You Should Try Hemp Cannabis Oil Today

It is a fact that cannabis can increase creativity in some people. Cannabis can be a very important part of a lot of people’s creative process. There have been CBD Tincturemany studies done that show people who use cannabis product outperform people who are not on any cannabis product creatively.


There are many artists who claim that marijuana helps them in the creative process. There are musicians who say it helps them gain different perspectives when writing songs. There are also founders of major companies who say marijuana helps them creatively because it helps them relax and open to new ideas. Comedians have also said that marijuana helps them because it makes them perceive events differently.


If you are stuck on a problem and need to find a creative solution to the problem try using marijuana. Using marijuana may open your mind up and give you a lot of solutions to the problem. You might not act on them right away but at least you have the ideas to use in the future.


A theory on why marijuana can help with the creative process is that drugs can help lower a person’s inhibitions. This can help a person be more confident in their new ideas and not so critical of themselves. A lot of writers experience writer’s block and marijuana could help with this because it could help them to just begin writing. As long as they start writing, even if it is not good, it could lead to something great.


While many people throughout history swear by it there is yet to be any solid scientific evidence to support the fact that marijuana makes you creative. There is no scientific evidence because it would be nearly impossible to prove it. However, there have been many studies done that show it does help with the creative process and a lot of people who say it helps. However, science does state that creative people have more activity in their frontal lobe. And marijuana actually stimulates the frontal lobe. There are connections to creativity and marijuana but there is still a lot to be explored.


At the end of the day, marijuana is a stimulant. Stimulants help a person produce more. Therefore, marijuana can help a person produce more creatively. It does, however, depend on each person and how much of the product they consume. It also depends on what type of product they are consuming. It is possible for a person to take too much and then they will not be creative. However, if a person takes a recommended amount there is a good chance they will see their creative juices flowing like never before.
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