Creating a Custom Engagement Ring for your Significant Other

The engagement ring that you will propose with to your significant other symbolizes the love between you and the life that you have chosen to commit to together. When picking a ring to propose with, you will want it to really be something that will show your love for each other and your significant other will really love to wear. Custom engagement rings offer a very unique aesthetic to showing your love; very fitting for the person you consider to be very special for you.

Having an engagement ring custom made is different from purchasing one that is already pre-made and being displayed in the shop. Custom engagement rings take time and effort. The engagement ring is something that your partner will be wearing forever so it is only fitting that you invest into making sure that it will be something she will love. Here is you can create a custom engagement ring for your significant other.

  1. Begin the process early – The process of creating a custom engagement ring involves discussing the design and picking the materials and then it goes on to being crafted. It can take a number of visits to finalize the design and then more time in crafting and bringing the ring to life. Because of the time required for the process, it is better to have the ring made early on if you plan to propose to your significant other on a very specific date.
  2. Use some reference pictures – Trying to come up with a design for the custom engagement ring can be a challenge. It is really helpful to go online and search for some ring designs that you feel your partner would like and use them for reference. Bring these pictures with you when you are going to be discussing the design with the jeweler.
  3. Find a good jeweler who shares the same aesthetic – When having an engagement ring custom made, you will want to work with a jeweler who understands your vision and will be able to create the ring that you want. When looking for a good jeweler, ask around for referrals from friends and family and check to see if that jeweler is someone that you will want to work with.
  4. Choosing the metal and stone – Engagement rings are traditionally made from gold (yellow and white), silver, or platinum. If you are opting for something custom made, you can break from the traditional and go for other metals including titanium, rose gold, etc. For the stone, think about what your significant other likes. Try to see if you can find out what kind of gemstone they like and have that to be on the custom engagement ring.
  5. Once into casting, allow for further adjustments and have patience – Once the design for the custom engagement ring is finalized, the casting will begin. The casting process does take some time so you will have to be patient. In addition, further adjustments will be added during this process to really make the ring one of a kind.


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Things You Should Be Particular About When Choosing a Roofer

Hiring a residential roofing contractor is one of the things you will find yourself doing as a homeowner throughout the period of living in a house. Your roof can get damaged over time or by the passage of strong storms and getting it fixed and repaired must be a priority to ensure the safety of the household and so that no further damage occurs to the rest of the house. This is where residential roofers come in; they have the skills, tools, and resources to fix your roof.

Commercial Roofers

roof work

When choosing a roofer, you have to be sure that the one you are choosing is a reputable and professional one. So how will you know that you are choosing a good residential roofing contractor? Here are things that you should be particular about.

  1. License – Only is a residential roofing contractor considered legitimate when that have the license from the government. When a residential roofer has a license you know that they have passed the requirements of the state and are able to provide their clients with workmanship that is of good quality.
  2. Liability and compensation insurance – Working as a roofer can have some risks. Accidents can happen on the job especially when there are unforeseen circumstances and the employees of the residential roofing contractor will sustain injuries. In scenarios like this, you do not want to be made liable which is why you should make sure that the roofing contractor insures their employees so that their medical expenses are covered in the event of an accident.
  3. Customer reviews – A great way to see if a residential roofer provides good quality service is by looking at the reviews of their past clients. Getting referrals from people you know is a great way to start your search for a residential roofing contractor. If a lot of people post good reviews about a roofer, then you know that particular roofer provides quality work.
  4. Office – There are a number of “roofers” who go around a community door-to-door after a storm offering their roofing services. These are people who just go around for work nomadically and it is something that you will want to avoid not necessarily because of lack of quality but because you may not have a means of reaching them which is why it is important for a roofing company to have their own office that you can visit should any issue arise.
  5. Safety training – As mentioned, working as a roofer can be risky. Think about it, climbing to the top of a home and working on a roof that is sloped. It is very important for safety to be a priority which is why the residential roofing contractor that you choose should put their employees through regular training to keep safety in mind.
  6. Written proposal – When hiring a residential roofer, you will want to know not only how much you are paying but also what you are paying for. This can be seen in a written estimate provided by the contractors which you should always ask for.

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How Products Are Effectively Showcased through Retail Packaging

In the retail world, looks and first impressions are a great determinant as to whether a consumer would purchase something or not. Products that are presented in a better way appeal better to consumers and are more likely to be picked up from the shelf and bought. So for companies, the objective would be to showcase their products as best as possible so as to make it stand out and catch the eye of consumers. And when it comes to presenting a product properly, what better way to pull it off than utilizing effective retail packaging.

Retail custom packaging

retail packaging box

When browsing through different products, the first thing that will meet the eyes of consumers is the retail packaging the product comes in. When a product’s retail packaging is designed well, it will appeal to consumers and coax them into making the purchase. Bad design in retail packaging will just make the product blend in among other products and not be noticed or it will just be seen as something of poor quality. This is why designing proper retail packaging is important to be able to make sales with the product. So how are products effectively showcased through its retail packaging?

  1. When the brand shows its uniqueness – If you are going to be showcasing your product, you do not want it to blend in and go unnoticed by consumers. The retail packaging design should be something that can convey a message, a message that shows to consumers the story of your brand and it is that makes it different from other brands. Consumers won’t be interested in products that are just like the rest, but they are sure to notice when something stands out, when something is different.
  2. When it follows consistency – In marketing, being consistent is very important. When you are designing the retail packaging for your products, you want to make sure that it is in line with the identity of your brand and that it is consistent with other products in your line. If designs are all over the place with different products under one brand than consumers will be confused. What also makes consistency very important is that it builds trust towards a brand as consumers see the brand as self-aware.
  3. When it effectively uses the right color/s – One of the most important elements that goes into the design of retail packaging is color. Whether it is single tone or a combination of different hues, it is important to use color effectively. Know that colors can be used to associate with the brand but it is also a tool to elicit a reaction among consumers. Different colors have different effects.
  4. When it utilizes the right material – When a material is being chosen for the design of a product’s retail packaging, it is important to consider three factors: the functionality of the material, the effectiveness in terms of costs and time, the effect on the environment. Retail packaging has to be able to protect the product, be easy and inexpensive to produce, and reduce its carbon footprint.

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Carrying Out Simple Hole Repairs on your Metal Roof

Metal roofing, being a very durable and long lasting type of roofing, has become popular among homeowners and is becoming a common roof replacement to other less durable and lasting types of roofing. While having a long lifespan and strong durability to the elements, metal roofing still has to be taken care of and maintained to preserve the quality of the roofing and ever further its already long lifespan. Over time, minor damages may occur due to some circumstances which will require it to be repaired and how this repair is carried out can either make or break the integrity of the roof.



If during regular roof inspection you happen to find a hole in your metal roof, you have to work on it as soon as possible to prevent further damage and to prevent leaks which can further damage the interior structure of your home. A simple hole repair on a metal roof may seem a challenge but with the right procedure, it will be over in a breeze.

To prepare, you will need some sheet metal, metal snips, and sheet metal screws(pan-head), a cordless drill, a caulk gun, and wire brush, some paint and a paintbrush and a pencil, a cleaner(non-residue), and some sealant(urethane).

  1. Clean out the damaged area – Make sure that the area you are going to be repairing is clean. If the damage was caused by rust, make sure to remove the rust around the area. If the damage was caused by debris, make sure to clear it out. This can be done by using your wire brush.
  2. Take measurements and cut – In roof repair, you have to make sure that you are using a patch with the right dimensions. Measure the damage on the roof and add two inches to each side giving you the measurements for the patch that you should cut. Shape the patch properly so as to prevent snow from entering once installed.
  3. Install the patch – Apply sealant around the damaged area carefully staying within a pre-marked shape of the patch. Once the sealant has been applied, press the patch onto the area. You know you are doing it right when sealant squeezes from all around underneath the patch. If there are areas where there are gaps, make sure to fill them out to prevent any moisture from getting through the repair.
  4. Securing the patch – Once the patch has been correctly pressed into the area, it will have to be secured even further with the use of some screws. Using your drill, drill holes on the patch with an inch distance from the edge and with three to four-inch distance from each other. After drilling, screws in the screws securing the patch.
  5. Finishing touches – When doing roof repairs, you will want to finish things up to make it look like there wasn’t any damage in the first place. The goal is to make it look as if no repair was carried out. Do this by painting over the area to make the patch look uniform with the surrounding roofing.

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Getting your Consumers to Interact with Products through Packaging

To improve the chances of customers buying your products you have to make it so that they will pick it up from the shelf. It’s one thing to be able to draw in consumers with the colors, shape, and imagery of your product and another to communicate to them properly all about the product and brand but it’s a whole other thing when they become enticed to pick it up. Take note that interaction involves both visual and tactile elements so when you are deciding on the materials, components, accents, etc. of your retail packaging, you will want to keep those in mind. It is these details that will further make your products stand out from the competition and create the experience for your customers when using it.

retail packaging

When deciding on the components of the retail packaging for your different products, you will want to make them consistent. In this way, the different items can come together and look like a set in itself. Any components in your product packaging that is visually unrelated can make your consumers confused and it can also give off the indication of different manufacturing and also an inconsistency in the quality of your products. Products should have the same color and finish.

Another thing that you should really focus on that will determine your decision regarding the materials is your target price for selling the product. Think about whether you are selling a product that is for the average consumer or a luxury one. The materials that you are going to use for the retail packaging should look attractive to consumers and also fit in with the price point that you plan to sell your product. Make it so that customers will be proud to display your product at home.

If your company sells premium products or if you have a separate line that is sold at a higher price compared to other product lines, you will want to make to make it so that it appears like it. The materials for the retail packaging of these products should still be the same to keep consistency but you should make slight changes to make it clear that these products are of a higher quality than the rest of your products.

Also take note that the way your product is dispensed will be associated with the brand. The methods of dispensing will create a unique experience that will be remembered by your consumers and remind them about your brand each time your product is used at home. By being effective at creating a product that has a memorable method of dispensing, you could be put on top of the competition. When thinking about the packaging, think about the product and how best it should be dispensed (pump, dropper, roller, etc.).

Being able to create retail packaging that really works best for the consumer is not something that comes out of the mind of a single designer. The process is a goal which bring people together to really create the best.

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